Our Mission

With the rise of the consumer drone industry in recent years, drones went from being a rare sighting to being an integral tool to industries that, just a few years prior, many wouldn’t have guessed would have a use for drones.

Now here we are in 2018 and we have drones that handle shipping, safety inspections for our buildings and bridges and even drones to help us in search and rescue operations during events such as natural disasters.

Knowing that, we here at the North East Florida Drone Association are on a mission to connect with and to other consumers, regardless of age or experience level, to share the passion that we have for this industry and to open peoples eyes to the world of possibilities afforded to us via drones.

NFLDA is here to educate consumers, cultivate a safe environment and expand

Our Team

Tony Vainosky
Founder of NEFLDA

Having been a drone enthusiast and professional drone pilot since 2014 with over 250 flights under my belt, I wanted to create an organization that allowed me to marry my love for drones and UAV technology with my passion for people, thus the North East Florida Drone Association was born in 2016.